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Ticketing & Access Control

Ticketing & Access Control

Card Cube RFID Ticketing Solution for public events such as concerts festivals and sport events is a proven successful RFID application. It considerately speeds up the ticketing process ensures public security and facilitates event management.


   ◇RFID ticket issue & sale system 
   ◇Check-in & surveillance system
   ◇Visitor information system 
   ◇Statistics & analysis system 
   ◇Maintenance system
   ◇On-line register system


   ◇Enable comprehensive real-time monitoring and management
   ◇Eliminate ticket counterfeiting and fare evasion
   ◇Provide statistics information of public events
   ◇Enhance customer satisfaction
   ◇Maximize return on investment (ROI)


◇With the development of RFID technologies Card Cube ticketing systems based on RFID technology are offering promising benefits over legacy ticketing systems including:

◇Security – RFID technology presents a fare medium that is more difficult to counterfeit reducing fare abuse such as fare evasion and counterfeiting of media.

◇Reliability –RFID ticking features minimal system malfunctions and a high degree of accuracy in accounting for fares paid. RFID cards/tickets and fixed readers from Card Cube are able to operate in noise vibration demanding electrical environment.

◇Convenience – Contactless RFID cards/tickets offer great convenience to the user. The cards/tickets can even remain in the users’ purses pockets or wallets. 

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