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RFID Cherry Wood Card

This RFID Cherry Wood Card comes in different grains and shades with options to personalize with chip encoding and laser engraving. RFID wood card is available use in hotel,club and access control

RFID Cherry Wood Card
  • RFID Cherry Wood Card
  • RFID Cherry Wood Card
  • RFID Cherry Wood Card

Product Introduction

RFID Charry Wood Card

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Dimension:85.5*54*1.3mm or customized  

Color:Natural Wood or Lacquer Painting 

LF(125KHz): TK4100,EM4200/4305,T5577,HITAGI,HITAG2,HITAGS,etc 

HF(13.56MHz ): Mifare S50,Mifare S70, Mifare desfire 2K, Mifare desfire 

4K, Mifare desfire 8K,Mifare Ultralight EV1,Mifare PLUS S2K/X2K,I-CODE 

SLI X, Ultralight-C,NTAG213, NTAG215, NTAG216,FM11RF08,FM11RF32, 

Legic256, Ti2048,etc 

UHF(860-960MHz): Alien H3,Monza 4D/4E,etc 


Craft:Laser Engrave,Printing,QR-Code,etc 

Usage:Business Card, Hotel Card, Gift Card, Bookmark, Hangtag, Clothing 

Tag, Keychain, etc 

Application: Hotel,Membership Management,Transportation,etc 


Other Material of RFID Wood Card

rfid wood card

Crafts of RFID Wood Card


Crafts:Colorful Printing,Engraved,Customized Shape

Packaging of RFID Wood Card

packaging of rfid wood card.png

180pcs packed with black box,boxes packed to carton, for example: 

180/box,10 boxes/carton; 

 box size 22*8.9*5.5cm,carton size 48*23*19.5cm

RFID Cherry Wood Card manufacturer  View:   Update:2019-2-20 15:39:57

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