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Driver training RFID card


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With the rapid development of the market economy and the continuous improvement of people's living standards, the number of learners and drivers has grown rapidly, and the driving and training industry has achieved unprecedented development. However, the driving school training industry is mixed,and the training quality has declined. As a result, the novice driving skills are low and the accident rate is rising. 

After a long period of market research, collecting and sorting out the various needs of the test center and the driving school, and the assistance of the relevant traffic management departments, the IC card intelligent management system for motor vehicle driver training and examination was developed. Advanced IC card technology, communication technology and database technology can realize the management functions of test center and driving school students management, online appointment, recharge, training timing, examination, training access control and so on.

Driver training test IC card management system can effectively standardize the various workflows of driver training, ensure the quality of training, safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of learners, maximize the existing unspoken rules in the driving industry.

System Advantages:

1.Through the IC card management mode, the information management and delivery of the students are standardized.

2.The application of the car card reader, real-time timing deduction and control of the start and stop of the vehicle, truly play the management function of the car billing.

3.The system uses the IC card as the basis for the access control, which is simple, convenient, and highly informative.

4.The online self-service system facilitates students to complete appointment training time, recharge and other functions.

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