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Clamshell Card

Custom Clamshell Card with Matte, Die-cut hole Blank/White Card from china Clamshell Card factory,Clamshell Card manufactory,Clamshell Card supplier

Clamshell Card
  • Clamshell Card
  • Clamshell Card

Product Introduction

Custom Clamshell Card
Materials: ABS
Size: 85.5*54*0.76mm
Frequency: 125KHZ,13.56MHZ

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Clamshell Card Introduction:
Custom Clamshell Card with Matte, Die-cut hole  Blank/White Card from china Clamshell Card factory,Clamshell Card manufactory,Clamshell Card supplier,Our office website:, E-mail:

Custom Clamshell Card 

Clamshell Card-CLAMSHELLC-001 is one type of Blank/White Card, it's Consists of the chip, the sensor antenna,it's Packaged in a standard ABS material card, No exposed parts of the card.the Clamshell Card  Reading and writing process, ibetweencoupled resonant circuit with the reader via radio waves or contact contact To complete the read and write operations. theClamshell Card is a non-powered,When the reader read and write to the card reader signals superimposed on the compositionconsists of two parts: one part is a power signal, the signal received by the card, rather than their own L / C resonance, producingan instant energy tosupply chips work. The other part is a combination of data signals, the command chip to complete themodification of data, storage and return it to the reader, to complete a read or write operation. The data on the card can save more than 10 years long,it's use to Shopping malls, hotels, clubs, cinemas, bars, beauty salons, video games, etc...


Blank/White Card Specification 




Standard: 20*45mm, 30*50mm, 86*54*0.76mm, 160*90mm or customized


For the pvc card, thichkness:0.38-2mm, for the chip pvc card. thickness:0.86-2mm

 Chip Type 

MIFARE Classic® 1K; MIFARE Classic® 4K; MIFARE Ultralight® ;MIFARE® DESFire® EV1(2K/4K/8K); Ti2048, EM4200; EM4305; EM4450; TK4100; T5577; CET5500; Hitagl; Hitag2, Hitags; MIFARE Plus® (2K/4K); FMl208(CPU)

 Work Frequency:



Glossy, Matte and Frost

Available Artworks/Crafts

Gold/silver hot stamping | Embossed number | Gold/slver wire drawing

Gold/sliver silk-screen printing | Lase  logo | UV spot | Barcode | QR code ect.


Shopping malls, hotels, clubs, cinemas, bars, beauty salons, video games, etc..


The attached picture is only reference. We provide services of designing 

and  manufacturingaccording to customer requirements.


200pcs/box, 25boxes/carton, Box size: 22.5*9.3*6cm, carton size:47*23.5*30cm Weight: 1000pcs 7KG, 5000pcs 35KG


Just accpet TT or Western Union or L/C or Alibaba Trade Assurance System(cc)

Delivery Time  

3-7 working days after all detail is confirmed and recieved the payment

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