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Bank card

Bank card

Various financial institutions and third-party payment companies have had increasing and urgent demands for smart cards in recent years along with the intelligent transfer from magnetic strips to chips of bank cards. Fully understanding demands by the market and customers, FMSH has launched several kinds of chip solutions to supply the optimal impetus on transfer of chip cards in the financial 

Pure bank IC card application

Chips selection

Double interface FM1280 with 80K data space,80K

Standard conformity

GP standards and JAVA card application

Security certification of UnionPay chip cards

PBOC2.0/3.0 debit/credit, electronic-cash, QPBOC and Q extended testing

Commercial Password testing


Application of products

1. Standard financial IC cards support debit/credit application, electronic cash application and petty contactless payment application of electronic cash.

2. Non-registered pure electronic cash cards support electronic cash application, petty contactless payment application electronic cash (Quick Pass) and petty contactless payment extended application of electronic cash.

3. Abnormal-type contactless credit cards support credit application and contactless credit application.

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